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BIGLEMON is the website listing a wide range of Japanese used Construction Equipment.


Easy to Find

We deliver necessary information for purchasing construction equipment online easily.

Used Construction Equipment Search

You can search items not only by category, but also by various conditions such as make, model code, year, price, hour, location, specification and more. You can receive discount alert by adding to Favorite(*) or you can register your item requests(*) and receive notifications when such items are newly listed. Our user interface is optimized for Smartphones and Computers, providing a user friendly website for all devices. (*Login needed)


Multiple Inquiry

You can inquire up to 10 items at a time when you find the item you want. Inquiries are free and unlimited. After sending the inquiry, you can communicate with the Seller on My page. You can ask about the item, negotiate the price, check the location of the item etc.


Services Only on BIGLEMON

We provide our "One and Only" services and items on BIGLEMON.

High quality items only on BIGLEMON

Stock from Maker official accounts and Off-Lease Equipment.

On BIGLEMON, you can find items listed by Maker official accounts, such as Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan etc., and Off-Lease items specially listed by Rentals/Finance companies.
Many of such items are well-maintained and checked regularly, thus considered reliable and high quality. Don't miss this chance to make a good bargain.


KENKEY Finance

BIGLEMON is the ONLY marketplace you can get financing in the used construction equipment marketplace!

In collaboration with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Co., Ltd. (SMFL), you can apply for installment payment for items listed on BIGLEMON. Easy procedure for everyone! Please select the payment method that suits your financial plan.
*This service may not be available for some items.


Buying with Security

Before and after purchase. We provide various services to make your construction equipment purchase experience more secure, at anywhere.

Refund Guaranteed

"Item doesn't arrive even though I made the payment…" Don't worry. BIGLEMON keeps your money until your purchased item is shipped. If the Seller fails to ship the item, you can get the refund from BIGLEMON.


Anshin-Yuso Service

Easy and secure transportation service for transportations within Japan. You can apply when purchasing equipment via BIGLEMON. We solve the matters such as when it's your first time purchasing equipment and you have no idea about transportation. Asking for a quotation is free of charge.


Repair and Maintenance Service

After purchasing a used equipment, it becomes necessary to inspect, repair or maintain due to a breakdown or the time for inspection. Please leave it to KENKEY. We introduce you the nearest construction equipment repair and maintenance company! Equipment purchased online (i.e. BIGLEMON or Yahoo! JAPAN Auction) are also acceptable. Consult a professional for any concerns. Easy application. Free quote.


How to buy

  1. チャットでお取引の図

    Online chat

    May ask Sellers questions at any time on PC or smartphone

  2. お支払いの図


    Transfer the purchase price to BIGLEMON designated bank account

  3. 輸送の図


    The Seller will ship the purchased item after BIGLEMON received your payment

  4. 確認/振込の図

    Pay out

    The purchased price will be paid out only after B/L is confirmed by BIGLEMON


Under what conditions can I search used equipment?

You can search used equipment by various conditions such as category, make, model code, year, price, hour, location, specification and more. Searched item list can be sorted by new arrivals, price low to high, hour less to more and etc.

What should I do to arrange delivery when purchasing a used equipment?

You either can ask the seller make the arrangements, or arrange the carrier yourself. Please contact the seller directly for each transaction. In case both you and the seller cannot arrange the transportation, or if you want to get another quote, we can introduce our partner company in charge of transportation (via Anshin-Yuso Service). After inquiring to the item, you can request for a quote from the Transaction management Details in My Page. After the actual application, you will discuss with the agent the pick-up destination, delivery date, etc., and then your item will be delivered to the designated destination. If you don't need delivery arrangements, it is also fine, you can go directly to the yard and pick up the equipment by yourself.

What points do I need to be careful about before buying used equipment online?

Be sure to check the condition, price etc. of the item with the seller before paying, so that you do not have to be in trouble with money or purchase procedures. The points to check are as follows.

  • If the price negotiation is possible
  • Presence of document; such as deed of assignment (Jo-to sho) and specific voluntary inspection records (Tokutei Jishu Kensa record).
  • Equipment specifications and conditions
  • Item delivery date
  • If it's possible to inspect the equipment before purchase etc.

With BIGLEMON, you can exchange the messages with the seller as many times as you like after sending the first inquiry. If you have any concerns, please be sure to check before purchasing.

What is the difference between BIGLEMON and other websites?


  • The largest used construction equipment marketplace in Japan.
  • There are products that usually cannot be found online - such as Maker official items and Off-Lease equipment.
  • Users are able to apply for KENKEY Finance.

Is there any kind of inspection for used construction equipment, something similar to Shaken (Vehicle Inspection) for passenger cars?

Construction equipment (and also cargo handling equipment/aerial work platforms, etc.) must pass an inspection by an inspector with a certain qualification once within a year (once every two years for rough terrain vehicles), according to the Industrial Safety and Health Act. This inspection is called a specific voluntary inspection (Tokutei Jishu Kensa).

Is it possible to lease (installment payments) when purchasing used equipment?

In collaboration with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Co., Ltd. (SMFL), you can apply for installment/lease payment for items listed on BIGLEMON.
*This service may not be available for some items.

Does BIGLEMON have after-sales services after purchasing used equipment?

We can introduce you the nearest construction equipment repair and maintenance company (Repair and Maintenance Service). Any equipment purchased from anywhere, from local dealers or purchased online (i.e. BIGLEMON or Yahoo! JAPAN Auction), are acceptable. Please feel free to contact us from the Repair and Maintenance Service page.