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Buy Japanese used Construction Equipment at BIGLEMON

BIGLEMON is the website listing wide range of Japanese used Construction Equipment specially for business clients. Free registration.

3 Unique Features

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    Equipment available only here

    In BIGLEMON, You can find a large number of items that had previously been distributed only through specific routes.

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    Reasonable commission fee

    Buying Commission is Only 5%+JPY5,000 (Max. JPY105,000-)+tax of the agreed price required at the time of purchase.

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    Secure transaction

    BIGLEMON keeps your money until your purchased item is shipped from Japan. If the Seller fails to ship the item, you can get the refund from BIGLEMON.

How to buy

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    Online chat

    May ask Sellers questions at any time on PC or smartphone

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    Transfer the purchase price to BIGLEMON designated bank account

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    The Seller will ship the purchased item after BIGLEMON received your payment

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    Pay out

    The purchased price will be paid out only after B/L is confirmed by BIGLEMON