Last update: Jul 16

Search BIGLEMON sellers

Method/Steps for how to buy equipment

  • On BIGLEMON, you can search items by various conditions such as; by category, make, model code, year, price, hour, location, specification and more. Use these functions wisely to easily find what you are looking for.
    Once you find the item you want, click that item, open the item page and check detailed information.
    You can receive discount alert by adding items to Favorite, or you can register your item request and receive notifications.
  • Once you decided which item you want to buy, contact sellers using the orange button on item pages and ask questions or start the negotiation. If needed, you can make an appointment with sellers for inspecting the actual item. However, if you pay the money directly to the seller outside BIGLEMON system, “Refund guarantee” cannot be applied to your transaction. Please communicate and order items using BIGLEMON message system.
  • After negotiation is done, it’s time to place the order. Please receive “Proforma Invoice” from the seller using BIGLEMON message system.
    After receiving, check the content thoroughly, fill in your buyer information and click “Order”. Then it’s complete.

    Condition and cost of transportation shall be decided with the seller before you place the order. If you are unconfident about arranging transportation by yourself, you can use our “Anshin yusou service” (transportation service by BIGLEMON). Asking for estimated cost is free. Try for as many items as you want.
  • Now you have your Invoice in your hand. Please make the payment according to the Invoice.
    When the payment is complete, the seller starts preparing for transport, and when your purchased item is safely on your way you will receive “出荷連絡” (Shipped out notice) from the seller. Once your item arrives to you, please go to BIGLEMON message system and click [受領連絡] (Item received notice – blue button) to let the seller know that you received your item.

    If, by any chance, the item you received was not the one you ordered and paid for, please contact the seller and BIGLEMON customer support first before clicking [受領連絡] button. If you click the button, BIGLEMON will no longer hold your money and it will be sent to the seller’s bank account, which makes the refund process difficult.