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Established Morooka Industry Ltd. in 1966. Sakusei: the origin of Morooka Co., Ltd. was the opening of a Sakusei construction company that digs wells and lays pipes to secure water for agriculture. Since 1975, they have developed all-hydraulic trenchers, bulldozers / rough terrain carriers, crawler excavators, rubber crawler agricultural tractors, etc. They have devised a "rubber crawler" for the purpose of weight reduction and running in wetlands, and a "total hydraulic type" for improving operability. Their technology has been delivered to the Ministry of Defense since 1990, and now as they are celebrating their 60th anniversary, a total of about 80,000 Morooka products are active not only in Japan but also around the world including Antarctica(*). It is the company which is constantly aiming for technological innovation focusing on developing technologies and machines that contribute to the global environment such as making it possible to utilize waste wood as fuel. (*)In 1977, they started to deliver the crawler excavators and rough terrain carriers to the base camp at the Antarctica (South Pole).