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An attachment manufacturer for construction machinery dedicated to hydraulic excavators. Established in 1957 as Sanyo Welding Industry Co., Ltd. In 1985, the organization was changed to the current Taguchi Industrial Co., Ltd. The business field of the TAGUCHi group is the site dismantling-there are many interesting names such as the crusher “GUZZILLA”, the magnet “Mag Gon”, the rock grinder machine “Garigari-kun”, the miscellaneous trees & mower “Kusacargon” and the asphalt cutting machine “Escargon”. The gripping machine "Grasper" is a long-selling product since its birth in 1985. They have not only the performance but also smart appearance in many of their products, and the "GUZZILLA DS" cutter has won the 2018 Good Design Award.