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Sumitomo Group construction machinery manufacturer. It started in 1963 when Construction Machinery Division established in SUMITOMO Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. (Now SUMITOMO Heavy Industries, Ltd.). In 2001, it was divided into SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.; SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Sale Co., Ltd.; SUMITOMO Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; SUMITOMO Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. Their main products are hydraulic excavators, asphalt finishers, rollers, etc. Among them, the asphalt finisher, "J-PAVER", which has a function to expand and contract up to 7.5M., is a popular product in Japan with an overwhelming share of more than 70%. They provide products with excellent fuel efficiency, work performance, and safety performance. The fuel efficiency performance has been well-established, with successive hydraulic excavators receiving the "Energy Saving Award" and "Excellent Energy Saving Equipment" awards. In terms of safety performance, FVM (Field View Monitor) that protects on-site safety is popular. Group companies: Sumitomo Construction Machinery Sales Co., Ltd., Pax Koshinetsu Co., Ltd., Osaka Sumijukenki Co., Ltd., Esukei Ishisho Co., Ltd.